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Zing Experience

The band Zing Experience fuzes Haitian Roots, Rock and Reggae to create a soulful sound, with influences from artists as diverse as Boukman Eksperyans, Fela Kuti, Sade, Angelique Kidjo, Emeline Michel, Jimi Hendrix, and Bob Marley.

Zing Experience made its New York City debut on September 30, 2006 at Sugar Bar, the legendary music venue of '70s icons Ashford and Simpson. The band packed the house and created an instant following of loyal supporters. That momentous night opened the door for Zing Experience to deliver its positive message to embrace one's roots, spirituality, and "live a better day," as reflected in one of the band's most popular songs, "Take Me Away".

Since their debut, Zing Experience has gained international and commercial appeal and has performed in Europe, the Caribbean, South America, Canada and the U.S, making them one of the few bands out of Haiti that has been able to garner worldwide success. In March 2009, they headlined the annual "No Siesta, Fiesta" Festival in Norway, where they received rave reviews from the Norwegian press and where they also recorded their first full length album, “Project Haiti” in 2010. Their music has been used in three internationally distributed films, "The Road to Fondwa", "Une Memoire Vodou", and “Bondye Bon”.

In February 2011, Zing Experience received the prestigious Unesco-Aschberg Artist in Residency Scholarship in Montreal, Canada where they headlined the annual Musique Multi-Montreal Festival.

In November 2012, they signed with like-minded, socially conscious, record label, PeaceTones, with whom they distributed their debut album, “Project Haiti”. The release of the album was celebrated enthusiastically with a full audience at NYC’s renown Webster Hall. Since the release, the band continues to promote both the album and 
their message throughout the U.S. They most recently toured this summer in California and headlined Target First Saturdays at the Brooklyn Museum on August 3rd, 2013 for thousands of high-spirited fans.

Paul Beaubrun, the group's co-founder, lead singer/songwriter and guitarist, is said to embody the "Zing" spirit -- a captivating energy and ability to uplift people, to embrace one's past while living in the present moment and looking forward to the future with hope and determination. Paul comes from an eminent and treasured Haitian family of entertainers and is the grandson of Haiti’s beloved actor/comedian, Theodore Beaubrun aka Languichatte Debordus, and is also the youngest son of Grammy nominated Lolo and Manze Beaubrun, lead singers and founders of Boukman Eksperyans, Haiti's most influential, popular and revolutionary band. Paul's musical vision was shaped by his family, as he performed alongside them all over the world -- from the Caribbean, the U.S., Canada, and Europe. Paul's musical upbringing and passion for his roots fuels the core of the powerful and unique sound of Zing Experience.

Cynthia Casasola, co-founder, singer and dancer for Zing Experience, contributes her sweet, angelic voice, echoing and reinforcing the band's message of love, positivity and hope for the future. She offers the perfect complement to Paul's sound, creating unforgettable harmonies both vocally, and in their collaborative writing efforts. The dance 
theatrics that she leads during their live performances combines a variety of disciplines including her native Filipino as well as Haitian, African, Jazz and Modern, and are essential in delivering the influential and unifying message that Zing brings.

"Zing" is defined as a spirit from the water with African and native Indian roots. The feeling that Zing Experience generates has been described as one that inspires and transcends this world. Zing Experience has an exciting and captivating live performance that causes you to dance, laugh, cry, and learn. They leave you with a desire for more -- not only for more music, but also for a better understanding of this world -- and the realization that the possibilities are limitless.


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